Other services

Other services that NET4GAS also offers to external clients include:

  • Controlled gas ejection from gas pipelines with mobile fan (see the flyer)
  • Operation and maintenance, inspection and evaluation of corrosion protection equipment within OA and UGS
  • Operation and maintenance of telemetry equipment, verification of parameters, and supervision over the technical condition of telemetry equipment within the transmission system
  • Adjustment (setup) of regulating and safety valves on regulating rows at border and national transfer stations
  • Servicing of ball valves and their actuators
  • Electricity supply for welding units and high-frequency heating (low stroke motor-generator) outside the electrified facilities within the gas system
  • Gas pipeline repairs made with Clock Spring technology
  • Welding work
    • Replacement of all types and dimensions of fittings
    • Replacement of pipeline parts and accessories, repairs of defects and reconstruction of gas pipelines, adaptations of distribution pipelines at compressor stations (sizes up to DN 1400)
    • Welding-on fittings for hot tapping and plugging work, including induction preheating
  • Earthwork in the protection zones of gas pipelines
  • Sandblasting, metallizing, and insulation work on gas pipelines


Contact person:

Jan Dominik
Senior Manager, Special Works & Technologies
T: +420 220 225 133