Capacity4Gas Project

Capacity4Gas Project Contributes to Securing Energy Supplies

The rationale behind pursuing the Capacity4Gas Project is the widening gas supply/demand gap in Europe. In its 2016 report, the International Energy Agency estimated that due to decreasing gas production in Europe, by 2030 there would be an additional need for gas imports from non-European sources of approximately 100 billion cubic meters per year (12 times the overall annual consumption of the Czech Republic). This gap can be filled by a combination of liquified natural gas (LNG) imports and pipeline gas.

In this context, the Capacity4Gas Project is part of a larger initiative to have secure and cost-efficient access to gas supplies via additional pipeline capacities, especially in the Baltic Sea. Simultaneously, the newly-created infrastructure in the Czech Republic will be made available to all interested market participants on a fully transparent and non-discriminatory basis for the transportation of any kind of natural gas from producing countries, e.g. Norway, Russia, and North America. Therefore, the Capacity4Gas Project will contribute to enhancing the security of gas supplies in the Czech Republic and in the entire CEE region. At the same time, the project will further strengthen the strategic role of the Czech Republic in international gas transit.

As the market demand for new long-term gas transmission capacity was formally confirmed in a binding European-wide capacity auction held in March 2017, the Capacity4Gas Project has entered its implementation phase. This will be done in full coordination with the adjacent gas transmission system operators in Germany and Slovakia. 

Capacity4Gas Project Brings Major Investments to the Czech Republic

The objective of the Capacity4Gas Project, carried out by NET4GAS, is to build new gas infrastructure, most of which is to be located in the Ústí and Pilsen Regions. The aim of the project is to connect the gas infrastructure operated by NET4GAS to the planned EUGAL pipeline in Germany and to increase its capacity for the needs of gas supplies in the Czech Republic and further transit via Slovakia. The project shall be implemented in two stages, with completion scheduled for 2019 and 2021, respectively.

Please, find more information in the official leaflet of the project: