Technical diagnostics and special measurements

Technical diagnostics are used to determine the reliability of natural gas transmission and the objective technical condition of equipment within the NET4GAS transmission system. It is comprised of sophisticated methods combined with state-of-the-art metering systems.

NET4GAS offers its technologies in technical diagnostics and special measurements even to external clients - either individually or as part of a complex turn-key solution of multiple services.

A great advantage for pipeline operators is that NET4GAS both owns and operates the above-mentioned equipment. This equipment is operated by highly trained and thoroughly experienced NET4GAS employees. This guarantees a highly professional level of performance, as well as a high standard of occupational safety. NET4GAS employs experts certified in technical diagnostics:

  • Vibration diagnostics technicians
  • Thermography diagnostics technicians

Offered services:

  • Annealing of gas turbine rotor discs with induction preheating (see the leaflet)
  • Induction heating of pipe components (see the leaflet)
  • Gas leakage monitoring (see the leaflet)
  • Vibration diagnostics and measurement of rotating machines and machines with reverse motion
  • Certification of vibration metering chains (in connection with the reference standard of the Czech Metrological Institute)
  • Measurement of the guaranteed parameters of compressors pursuant to PTC 10 standards
  • Measurement of the guaranteed parameters of gas (pursuant to PTC 22) and steam turbines (pursuant to PTC 6)
  • Diagnostics of ball valves and their actuators
  • Thermovision diagnostics – contactless temperature measurement
  • Measurement of pulses in pipeline systems
  • Gas flow measurement in pipelines including flow meter installation without operational interruption
  • Borescope inspections (inspection of turbine blades without disassembly)
  • Technical assistance with an analysis of the results of internal pipeline inspections


Contact person:

Jan Dominik
Senior Manager, Special Works & Technologies
T: +420 220 225 133