NET4GAS secures economically efficient, safe and reliable gas transmission services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering its customers attractive capacity products and solutions.

Our customers can book entry and exit capacities into and from our transmission system at cross-border points, at gas storage facility points or at end customers’ offtake points directly connected to the NET4GAS system in the Czech Republic. Capacity booking at cross-border points is available on the European PRISMA and GSA auction platforms, whereas customers can book capacity at gas storage facility points and end customer offtake points directly in the NET4GAS Capacity Management System CAMS.

In this "Customers" section, we provide comprehensive information concerning, inter alia:

  • Our transmission products and prices
  • Our contracts
  • Our network, including data about available capacities and outages
  • Key legislative documents regulating gas transmission services in the Czech Republic and Europe
  • What to do in case of problems with capacity booking

You can also read about the latest developments in our market in the  "NEWS4SHIPPERS" newsletter, which we publish twice a year in the News for shippers section.

In case you have any other questions, please visit the Questions and answers section or do not hesitate to contact our commercial team. We will be glad to help you!