Hot tapping and plugging with T.D. Williamson

Pipeline repairs without shutdown

NET4GAS owns, operates and also offers to externl clients an extensive range of hot tapping and plugging equipment manufactured by T. D. Williamson, which allows the safe hot tapping and plugging of gas and oil pipelines without the need for their shutdown. This equipment can be deployed on pipelines with diameters from DN 50 up to DN 1400 and with operating pressures of up to 83 bar. The NET4GAS team has over 25 years of know-how and has a track record of hundreds of successful jobs on its own transmission system, dozens of foreign references, and last, but not least, successful assignments on oil pipelines.


Pipeline repairs without the need for shutdown

Repairs can be performed even on pipelines where shutdown is not possible due to operational or other reasons, without any restriction on the transmission and operating pressures of the transmitted medium.

Pipeline outage time minimization

This technology enables reducing the length of the pipe section that must be depressurized, vented, and subsequently refilled with the original medium and pressurized, thus achieving shorter pipeline outages. In practice, it is possible to reduce the shutdown pipeline section length from 10-20 km, which is the common distance between two adjacent shut-off valves, to single meters or dozens of meters. Preparation work (welding-on of fittings, pipe hot tapping, etc.) can be carried out before pipeline shutdown.

Minimization of released gas quantity

Reducing the pipeline section length also minimizes the amount of gas (or any other medium) that must be released into the atmosphere. 

Usage examples:

Bypass configuration

Pipeline closing on one side

Pipeline closing on both sides

Using a branch fitting 



Contact person:

Jan Dominik
Senior Manager, Special Works & Technologies
T: +420 220 225 133