Repair and maintenance of gas pipelines

Specialized technologies for external customers

The Asset Maintenance Department is responsible for repairs and assurance of the NET4GAS transmission system operability. NET4GAS is aware of its responsibility for the environment, and therefore uses state-of-the-art technologies that minimize the environmental impact of maintenance. The company offers these unique "green" technologies and other selected services also to external clients - either individually or as a complex turn-key service package. The company's clients include, in particular, the operators and owners of distribution, transmission, and storage systems in both gas and oil industries.

NET4GAS both owns and operates the unique equipment that is described below. This equipment is operated by trained and well experienced NET4GAS employees. This guarantees a highly professional level of performance, as well as high standard of safety at work.

Specialized technologies of NET4GAS enable:

  • Repairing pipelines without a shutdown¨
  • Conducting repairs without the need for pipeline pressure reduction
  • Significantly minimizing outage time
  • Achieving considerable financial savings
  • Minimizing the environmental impact of maintenance activities

Specialized technologies and services of NET4GAS include:

  • Natural gas recovery with mobile compressor
  • Hot tapping and plugging work using T.D. Williamson technology
  • Cleaning of gas pipelines, mobile gas separator
  • Technical diagnostics and special measurements
  • Other services

Contact person:

Jan Dominik
Senior Manager, Special Works & Technologies
T: +420 220 225 133