The Asset Maintenance Department of NET4GAS has a team of employees with many years of accumulated know-how in performing repairs and installation work on the NET4GAS transmission system. It owns and operates specialised technology, which it uses to repair the transmission system and to ensure that it is always in a good operational condition.

The work carried out by the Asset Maintenance Department on the NET4GAS transmission system is concentrated on three main areas:

  • repair, installation and assembly of specified “reserved gas facilities” (RGF) across the entire transmission system, i.e. border and national transfer stations, compressor stations and line components
  • operation and maintenance of existing technological corrosion protection equipment (CPE) in line with the applicable technical rules for the gas industry (TRG) and Czech standards, including performing minor repairs and replacements of damaged parts of CPE
  • operation and maintenance of the telemetry system and devices, checking the parameters and monitoring the technical condition of the telemetry equipment of the gas transmission system
  • technical diagnostics and special measurements

NET4GAS offers its specialized services to external customers - see Supplementary services.