Czech gas transmission in brief

General information

A contractual relationship with NET4GAS is needed in case you want to:

  • Import and/or export gas through the Czech entry and exit border points
  • Use storage in the Czech Republic

Contractual process

Capacity booking process

  • The general rules and conditions for capacity booking are set by the decree Gas Market Rules (Sections 9 - 19) and in the Capacity Allocation Mechanism Network Code
  • Capacity booking at border points:
    • Border transmission capacity is sold on the PRISMA platform (used for all Czech border points except for Poland) and / or on the GSA platform (used for the Czech/Polish border point).
    • Registration on the respective capacity booking platform is needed. The registration is subject to NET4GAS approval as a Security Certificate for the NET4GAS tryGAS system is required.
  • Capacity booking at underground storage points:
    • A contract with NET4GAS and the respective Storage System Operator (SSO) is required.
    • The storage transmission capacity is sold through the NET4GAS tryGAS system. 
    • Storage capacity is offered in auctions organized by the respective SSO. 

Gas transmission prices in the Czech Republic

Nomination proces

  • The nominations are submitted under the respective shipper pair
  • A shipper pair is created as a compilation of the two shipper codes.
  • Shipper codes are assigned by NET4GAS and the adjacent TSO at the respective border point upon request. 

Other relevant information

Trading activity at the Czech Virtual Trading Point – conditions

  • A gas trading licence is required.
    • Issued by the ERO – for information about the licence department, please follow this link
    • Granted in accordance with the Energy Act (Sections 4 – 11)
  • Fulfil all obligations given by the legislation, especially the Energy Act (overview of shipper’s duties in  Section 61).
  • The respective rules incl. balancing conditions, shippers’ tolerances, etc. are laid down in the Gas Market Rules.
  • Czech market operator (OTE) registration – for requirements, please follow this link. The Agreement on Settlement of Imbalances needs to be signed by the OTE as the market operator is responsible for gas market balancing.