Storage facilities and directly connected customers

Booking procedure

Gas storages

  • Transmission capacity from/to storage facilities is sold through the CAMS system.
  • Storage capacity is sold in auctions organized by the applicable storage system operator.

Customers directly connected to the transmission system 

Customers directly connected to the transmission system book transmission capacity through the CAMS system.

Change of supplier and reservation of capacity for an indefinite period

In case of change of supplier or capacity reserved for an indefinite period, the customer or the gas supplier submits a request for reservation of new transmission capacity by e-mail at, within the terms stipulated by the Gas Market Rules (Section 20 and Section 21).

Reservation of monthly, daily or intraday transport capacity

Reservations of monthly, daily and intraday transmission capacity and day-ahead capacity are performed in the CAMS system.

For inquiries regarding reservation of transmission capacity for customers directly connected to the transmission system, please contact Commercial Management.

NET4GAS sells transmission capacity for the following points:

  • Virtual gas storage entry and exit points

    • Gas Storage CZ
    • Moravia Gas Storage
    • MND Energy Storage
  • Exit points of directly connected customers

    • ČEPRO
    • Holcim (Česko)
    • Lovochemie
    • Rotor Clip
    • ČEZ Počerady
    • Cemex Czech Republic
    • Green Gas DPB
    • C-Energy Planá
    • E.nest Energy

The EIC codes of individual points are listed in Appendix No. 3 to the Network Code.

Categorization of directly connected customers into groups according to the Regulation 344/2012 Coll. on states of emergency in the gas supply sector and on methods for securing the supply security standard can be found here.

Product types by duration

For the virtual point of a gas storage facility, NET4GAS offers monthly, daily, day-ahead, and within-day products. In accordance with Sections 10 and 11 of the Gas Market Rules, daily and monthly capacity may be booked ahead for as long as the next 31 gas days and 60 months, respectively.

For the supply points of customers directly connected to the transmission system, products are offered either for an unlimited period or on a rolling, monthly, daily, day-ahead, and within-day basis. Detailed terms and conditions are laid down in Section 9, Paragraph 5 of the Gas Market Rules.

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