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We hold an exclusive gas Transmission System Operator (TSO) licence in the Czech Republic. We operate more than 3,800 km of pipelines and our mission is to secure economically efficient, safe and reliable gas transmission services for our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and to provide sufficient capacities in all relevant supply situations. We are connecting markets via cross-border interconnectors, capacity products and our pro-active role in shaping the European gas market. This enables us to increase energy security not only in the Czech Republic but in the whole CEE region.

News for shippers

NEWS4SHIPPERS January 2019

10.01.2019 NET4GAS publishes another issue of its quarterly newsletter, providing shippers with news about its products and services. >>

TRU service offer in monthly auction for February 2019

07.01.2019 NET4GAS and Gas Connect Austria offer the TRU service in the monthly auction for February 2019. The bidding window will open on 14 January at 09:00 CE(S)T. >>

Public consultation of the VIP Agreement for Waidhaus

21.12.2018 NET4GAS in cooperation with its partners launches a public consultation on the VIP Agreement for the point VIP Waidhaus-NCG. >>

Public consultation on changes of Interconnection Agreements

14.11.2018 NET4GAS launches a public consultation on the VIP Agreement and the Amendments of the Interconnection Agreements at the VIP Brandov-GASPOOL. >>

Ten-Year Development Plan

31.10.2018 NET4GAS publishes the Czech Ten-Year Network Development Plan 2019-2028. >>

TRU Day Ahead service offer

25.10.2018 Starting from 31 October 2018, 16:30 CE(S)T, NET4GAS and Gas Connect Austria will sell the TRU Day Ahead service via PRISMA platform. >>

VIP implementation as of 1 November 2018

04.09.2018 NET4GAS informs that the Virtual Interconnection Point (VIP) Brandov – GASPOOL shall be established as of 1 November 2018. Implementation of the VIP Waidhaus is scheduled for 1 March 2019. >>

TRU service continues to receive positive market response

24.08.2018 In the quarterly capacity auction in August, almost all the offered TRU capacity from the Czech Republic to Austria (22,000 kWh/h) in the summer quarters Q2/2019 and Q3/2019 was sold. >>

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