Network information

Current transmission system data

The Current Transmission System Data part of the website provides access to operating data for specific entry and exit points of the NET4GAS transmission system, including:

  • Transmission capacity
  • Firm capacity shutdowns
  • Secondary market transmission capacity trading
  • Nominations, allocations, and actual flow rates
  • Gas volume calculation parameters (Wobbe Index, gross calorific value, etc.)
  • Accumulations and system imbalances

For every item, past and present data as well as future forecasts can be displayed and exported.

Overview of the use of capacity and forecasts of the development of free capacity are available in the downloadable files below.

Information on the available technical capacity of the operators of transmission systems adjacent to the NET4GAS transmission system is available at the ENTSOG Transparency Platform.

► Current transmission system data

Scheduled shutdowns

Information on planned transmission capacity shutdowns, including past shutdowns, is published as part of operating data under Firm Capacity Shutdowns.

► Firm capacity shutdowns

Transparency Platform ENTSOG

The ENTSOG Transparency Platform publishes the information regarding capacity, nominations, flow rates, and tariffs pertaining to individual border points of European transmission systems.

► ENTSOG Transparency Platform

Urgent Market Messages

The current information on non-available services and capacity of transmission system operators, including NET4GAS are published both on ENTSOG Transparency Platform and NET4GAS website.

► Urgent Market Messages ENTSOG

► Urgent Market Messages NET4GAS