Pipeline cleaning and mobile separator

Cleaning of gas pipelines

Cleanliness of the pipelines directly influences the reliability of the system and also the quality of the gas delivered to customers. Cleaning of the pipelines is performed based on historical experience with the amount of impurities in a given gas pipeline, measurement results, and other requirements. The pipelines are cleaned with cleaning devices also known as "intelligent pigs". The pig is inserted into the gas pipeline through a launching trap, and it then runs through the gas pipeline, propelled by gas overpressure, and mechanically cleans the pipes using collars and brushes.

NET4GAS owns and also offers to external clients a range of cleaning devices for gas pipelines with dimensions from DN 150 up to DN 1400 which can be used in various modifications and fitted with the following components:

  • Magnets
  • Cleaning brushes
  • Calibration plates
  • PDL module with localization of major anomalies within the pipeline
  • Various localization equipment as required by the customer
  • Customized deployment in particular gas pipelines based on their operating and historical experience

Pipelines can be cleaned without limitation of gas transmission to customers. Cleaning is only possible on pipelines equipped with the relevant technology.

Mobile separator

The equipment for gas pipeline cleaning comprises a mobile gas separator that can separate and capture any impurities contained in gas, which is discharged upon the pig’s arrival into the pig trap at the destination node. This equipment is used on gas pipelines where no stationary separators with debris traps are installed.

The mobile separator unit is installed in a standard ISO container. After arrival at the site on a standard truck trailer, the mobile separator is connected to the gas pipeline flanges using flexible hoses. The impurities contained in the gas flowing through the mobile separator during the pig arrival phase are then continuously separated and captured in mobile receivers attached to the integrated evacuation equipment.

Usage example: 

Cleaning of a gas pipeline section with a pig, including gas drainage through the mobile separator (simplified scheme without launching and receiving traps and other technology).



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