Ethical behaviour

NET4GAS has internal control principles in place as a preventive measure, and as a means to achieve better results. Ethical behaviour principles represent their inherent part.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is one of the key management documents of NET4GAS. The behaviour of NET4GAS and its employees is based on personal responsibility, honesty, loyalty, and respect for others and the environment. Role of the Compliance Officer for ethical affairs is performed in NET4GAS by Barbora Bořková, Head of Human Resources (T: +420 220 225 391, E:


The Ombudsman in this context is an independent position which chiefly involves collecting complaints and information relating to fraudulent activities, suspected fraudulent activities or to activities which are in conflict with the company’s internal regulations or the law. The Ombudsman evaluates these submissions before convening an investigation committee, whose role is to make an independent assessment and evaluation and then propose corrective measures. The Ombudsman may be contacted by the employees of NET4GAS as well as parties outside the company.

The position of Ombudsman is performed for NET4GAS by a law firm. It provides confidential and anonymous services covering the acceptance, assessment and investigation reports concerning any conduct of NET4GAS employees which a supplier, customer, partner or other third party considers to be in conflict with the NET4GAS Code of Conduct or contrary to commercial practice or good morals, as a consequence of which damage might be incurred both at NET4GAS and at the notifier or a third party. All the information which the Ombudsman obtains from the notifier is forwarded for further investigation to the management of NET4GAS in a form preserving the notifier’s anonymity. The Ombudsman will inform NET4GAS of the notifier’s identity only with the notifier’s express consent.


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