Emergency rules

Emergency procedures for problems with capacity booking or nomination

If you experience problems regarding:

  • The unavailability of the PRISMA or GSA auction platforms (particularly in urgent situations concerning day-ahead or same-day auctions),
  • Capacities offered by NET4GAS in the auctions held on the PRISMA and GSA platforms,
  • Auctions in the tryGAS system for transmission to/from gas storage facilities, or
  • Nominations,

immediately contact the Commercial Operations Department by e-mail at Kindly provide a description of the problem, including a screenshot of the error message, in your e-mail message.

In addition to contacting us by e-mail, call the Commercial Management Department by telephone using the contacts here.

If you experience problems outside working hours, on weekends, and during official holidays, call the Commercial Dispatching directly at +420 220 225 970 or +420 739 536 629.