Dispatching Center

The main responsibility of the NET4GAS Dispatching Center is to oversee the operation of the Czech transmission system, where the aim is to provide economically efficient, safe, and reliable transmission services to the company's domestic and foreign partners. The Dispatching Center conducts its operations in accordance with the Network Code of the Transmission System Operator and interconnection agreements between NET4GAS and the operators of transmission systems in neighboring countries and customers directly connected to the transmission system.

The NET4GAS Dispatching Center communicates with the dispatching centers of other transmission, distribution and storage system operators, and with natural gas traders. The Dispatching Center provides technical services to the operator of underground gas storage facilities, innogy Gas Storage. The Center is responsible for handling technical issues, such as planning work on the transmission system, approving transmission capacity restrictions, and coordinating the response during emergencies.

Under the law, the NET4GAS Dispatching Center is responsible for announcing measures aimed at preventing a state of emergency, as well as for declaring a state of emergency, including the oversight of the Czech gas system during a state of emergency that applies throughout the territory of the Czech Republic.

The Dispatching Center provides all of its services on a round-the-clock basis.

Operation Management

The Operation Management oversees the operation of the transmission system. Using a control system, the department monitors error messages, approves all system-related tasks, and configures the necessary operating and technical parameters of system components to meet transmission requirements. The Operation Management also manages innogy Gas Storage underground gas storage facilities. In overseeing operation, transmission, and natural gas supply, the Operation Management communicates with the dispatching centers of interconnected gas systems.

Operation Planning and Assessment

The Operation Planning and Assessment (i.e. Net Schedule Management) is responsible for preparing and assessing an optimized transmission system operation plan. The department accepts nominations and re-nominations for natural gas transmission from traders, and approves nominations and re-nominations with storage system operators and transmission system operators in neighboring countries. Using simulation software, the Net Schedule Management determines and proposes an optimized configuration for transmission system parameters. The department assesses the fulfillment of the transmission plan in relation to results achieved, analyzes differences between nominated and actually transmitted quantities of gas, and prepares data for balancing differences. The Net Schedule Management is responsible for the physical balancing of the transmission system. 

Dispatching Center Technical Support – SCADA Operating Technology

The main responsibilities of the Technical Support include overseeing the operation and maintenance of the control system and creating, administering, and modifying algorithms in telemetry stations and local control systems installed in facilities constituting the NET4GAS transmission system. The Technical Support also takes part in investment projects as regards telemetry and control systems, and maintains essential know-how in the area of algorithms implemented in local telemetry and control systems. Technical support services are provided on a round-the-clock basis.