The main duties of the Dispatching Department are to ensure the safe, reliable and uninterrupted operation of the transmission system in the Czech Republic and the transportation of gas to contractual partners abroad. We secure the performance of all the requirements ensuing from connection agreements, both with partners of connected systems and with direct customers connected to our own transmission system, including capacity traders.

The Dispatching Centre communicates with the dispatching centres of connected TSOs, DSOs and other entities (traders, underground gas storage facilities), in particular with regard to technical issues (scheduling work, shutdowns, activities to be performed in emergency situations), as well as providing services under Service Level Agreements (dispatching services for RWE Gas Storage).

The Dispatching Centre issues nationwide early warnings of emergency situations and declares nationwide emergency situations in accordance with applicable legislation, and also manages the gas grid of the Czech Republic in the event of emergency situations declared at the national level.

All the required activities are performed by personnel of continuous operation departments:

1. Operational management

Secures and manages the operation of the transmission system, sets up and configures necessary operational and technical parameters to ensure the performance of requirements of gas shippers and customers. Monitors system operation and performs technical dispatching management of underground gas storage facilities of RWE Gas Storage in order to ensure stable and efficient operation, including maintaining a balance between natural gas resources and consumption. Communicates with upstream and downstream gas shippers in connection with managing system operations and natural gas transportation and supply.

2. Operational scheduling and evaluation

This department cooperates with other operational units in scheduling shutdowns and repair/maintenance work on the transmission system. It also prepares its own forecasts for gas transportation and the utilisation of the transmission system, accepts natural gas transmission nominations and re-nominations and performs matching with connected TSOs and SSOs. It evaluates the performance of the Transmission and Operation Plan, prepares documentation for monthly transmission logging, and monitors and evaluates any imbalances between the Transmission Plan and the actually transported volume, including preparing the documentation for their settlement. It also prepares the use of flexible instruments for the purpose of balancing the transmission system.

3. Dispatching Centre technical support

The most important tasks of the Dispatching Centre Technical Support unit are the operation and maintenance of the Dispatching Centre’s management and control system and the creation, administration and modification of algorithms used in telemetry stations and local management and control systems installed in technical facilities of the NET4GAS transmission system.

Not least importantly, it also collaborates on investment projects in the field of telemetry and management and control systems. Dispatching Centre support is an area of major importance, as this know-how regarding the algorithms implemented in local telemetry and management control systems enables Dispatching Centre personnel to provide support and assistance in the resolution of extreme and non-standard situations.