Transmission capacity sale

NET4GAS offers its customers various types of transmission capacity for the following purposes:

  • Importing and/or exporting gas via Czech entry and exit border points,
  • Using gas storage facilities in the Czech Republic,
  • Delivering gas to customers directly connected to the transmission system.

Every trader who plans to use the NET4GAS transmission system must enter into a General Gas Transmission Contract and subsequently register with the applicable auction platforms.

The types of transmission capacity and the procedures and deadlines for transmission capacity booking are laid down in the Gas Market Rules (Sections 9-27). The transmission capacity booking rules are primarily based on the requirements laid down in Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/459 (NC CAM).

Classification of transmission capacity products

Products are primarily classified according to the duration of the provided service, ranging from within-day to multiannual capacity booking products. Capacity products are further classified as follows:

  • Firm and interruptible products, and
  • Coordinated (bundled) and non-coordinated (unbundled) products for border points.

While firm capacity under standard operating conditions guarantees transmission via a given entry or exit point to and from the transmission system, the use of interruptible capacity might not always be available in consideration of current operating conditions.

Coordinated capacity is a capacity product consisting of the corresponding entry and exit capacities on both sides of the interconnection point, where the system user enters into contracts with both operators of adjacent transmission systems at the same time. Non-coordinated capacity is offered only for one side of a border point. To use non-coordinated capacity, the system user must find a counterparty on the other side of the border.

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