Contract and business conditions

Master Agreement

Procedure for entering into a General Gas Transmission Contract

The first step in the process is filing a completed Request for execution of the General Gas Transmission Contract and all of the required enclosures. A completed and signed application in Czech or English must be submitted in electronic form at, and the original in paper form must be sent by regular mail or to data deposit box.

As soon as the application is approved by NET4GAS, you will receive a draft General Gas Transmission Contract. The text in Czech language has priority – the English translation serves for information purposes only.

Based on a signed General Gas Transmission Contract, you will obtain access to the CAMS system, which will allow you to book transmission capacity and nominate gas transmission in accordance with concluded contracts.

The general business conditions under which NET4GAS sells capacity are laid down in the Network Code.


  1. Request for execution of the General Gas Transmission Contract
  2. General Gas Transmission Contract

Contract data change

Management of users of the CAMS system

  • Once the General Gas Transmission Contract is concluded, the Authorised Person specified in the Contract shall be granted access to the CAMS system. As an Administrator, this person will then be authorised to add new users (additional Administrators can also be added) and also to edit and delete them. In case the Administrator leaves the company, he/she will ensure that there is at least one other Administrator already in the CAMS system who will take over the management of other users.

Administrative Data Change

  • A network user shall inform NET4GAS of a change in administrative data (change of registered office, change of authorized representatives, change of business name) by means of a letter signed by the authorized representative of the user's company.

Business conditions

The business conditions for the sale of capacity by NET4GAS are laid down in the Network Code. The business conditions include:

  • Requirements and prerequisites for entry into gas transmission service contracts,
  • Duties of the contracting parties,
  • Procedure for booking transmission capacity,
  • Conditions for restricting or interrupting transmission,
  • Gas quality parameters and measuring requirements,
  • Transmission nomination procedure,
  • Prices, billing, and payment terms,
  • Financial security conditions

The terms and conditions laid down in the Network Code refer to and stem from the procedures and requirements for the functioning of the gas market laid down in Regulation No. 349/2015 Coll., Gas Market Rules.


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