System registration and customer data

How do I receive an access to the NET4GAS system ?

Access to the CAMS  system will be granted immediately after conclusion of the General Gas Transmission Contract between NET4GAS and the network user. Access to the CAMS system is a precondition for validation of network user registration on the PRISMA and GSA platforms.

Please note that only  Administrator of the network user is entitled to make any additional changes related to other users directly in the CAMS system.

For more information, see Article 3 of the Network Code.   

How do I register at the auction platforms?

Registration on the PRISMA or GSA platform is necessary for booking capacity at the respective capacity auctions. To register at PRISMA, follow these steps. To register at GSA to book capacity at the Český Těšín/Ciezsyn border point, fill in the registration form available here.

NET4GAS needs to validate your registration on the auction platforms. This will be done after you receive a security certificate and obtain access to the CAMS system.

How can I change my customer data?

Once the General Gas Transmission Contract is concluded, the Authorised Person specified in the Contract shall be granted access to the CAMS system. As an Administrator, this person will then be authorised to add new users (additional Administrators can also be added) and also to edit and delete them. In case the Administrator leaves the company, he/she will ensure that there is at least one other Administrator already in the CAMS system who will take over the management of other users.