Contract with NET4GAS

Why should I enter into a contract with NET4GAS?

A contractual relationship with NET4GAS is needed in case you want to:

  • Import and/or export gas through the Czech entry and exit border points
  • Use storage capacity in the Czech Republic
  • Deliver gas to customers directly connected to the transmission system

What are the preconditions of the contract with NET4GAS?

To be able to conclude transactions with NET4GAS, a network user shall:

How do I conclude a General Gas Transmission contract with NET4GAS?

To start the contractual process with NET4GAS, please submit a completed Request to Conclude a General Gas Transmission Contract with all its annexes. The request in Czech or in English shall be sent both by email (electronic scan of the document) and by post (physical transmission of the signed document). Once the request is approved by NET4GAS, a draft General Gas Transmission Contract and a draft Security Certificate Transfer Contract will be sent to you. The Security Certificate Transfer Contract needs to be signed in order to obtain security certificates for access to the tryGAS system (the commercial system of NET4GAS). Please note that the binding versions of the contracts are in Czech. The general business terms and conditions used by NET4GAS for capacity sales are set by the Network Code

If you have any further questions, please, contact our Commercial Management Team who will guide you through the contractual processes.

What are NET4GAS’s financial eligibility conditions?

A network user shall demonstrate to NET4GAS sufficient financial eligibility to fulfill its obligations under the Gas Transmission Contract no later than: (a) 2 calendar months before the gas transmission starts, or (b) 2 business days before the booking or transfer of the transmission capacity in case the period between the booking or transfer of the transmission capacity and the first gas day of the gas transmission is shorter than 2 calendar months.
The possible forms of security are a bank guarantee, a cash deposit, or a declaration of guarantor. Detailed information about the financial eligibility conditions and the possible forms of security are specified in Annex 1 of the Network Code.   

What if I only want to transit gas through the Czech Republic?

According to the Gas Market Rules, a network user not active on the Czech VTP, also called a foreign participant, does not have to be registered with the Czech market operator, OTE. As the foreign participant solely uses the border points of the transmission system and the points of virtual gas storage facilities, only a General Gas Transmission Contract and a Gas Transmission Contract with NET4GAS are needed.