Prices for gas storage facilities

Customers using gas storage facilities in the Czech Republic book:

  • Transmission capacity with NET4GAS for the transmission of gas to and from gas storage facilities using the CAMS system, and
  • Storage capacity, injectability, and deliverability with the storage system operator for gas delivered to and from the storage facility. Bookings are made in auctions organized by the applicable storage system operator.

The transmission capacity price consists of firm and variable components that are listed in Article 8 of the Price Decision No. 4/2023 dated 29 November 2023.

Firm price component

  1. The firm annual prices for booked firm transmission capacity (Cz) for the entry and exit points of virtual gas storage are set by the Price Decision No. 4/2023 dated 29 November 2023. For 2024 the firm annual price for virtual gas storage points per 1 MWh of booked daily firm transmission capacity for one calendar year is equal to:
  • CZK 0 per MWh per day for entry points to the transmission system (delivery from storage facilities), and
  • CZK 0 per MWh per day for exit points from the transmission system (injection into storage facilities).

Variable price component

The variable price component applies only to exit points of the transmission system to the virtual gas storage and according to the Article 8.1 of the Price Decision No. 4/2023 dated 29 November 2023 for the year 2024 it is equal to CZK 1,06 per MWh nominated for transmission via a given exit point from the transmission system.

Prices for gas storage facilities for 2025

Both firm and variable price components for gas storage facilities for 2024 will be set by the Energy Regulatory Office in the new price decision in November 2024. 

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