Prices for border points

Firm price component

The firm annual prices for booked transmission capacity for specific entry and exit points to and from the transmission system are listed in Part Two, Article 2.2. of the Price Decision No. 1/2019 dated 21 May 2019.

Multipliers applied to the annual rates for setting quarterly, monthly, daily, and within-day prices are listed in Articles 2.3.1.,2.7. a 2.8.

These prices are the starting point for transmission capacity auctions on the PRISMA and GSA auction platforms.

The firm price for booked standard firm transmission capacity is calculated using the following formula:

Cs = Cr x Fc + AP




Firm annual price per 1 MWh of booked daily firm transmission capacity for a period of one calendar year. The  2020 values are for each specific entry and exit point listed in the Article 2.2. in Part Two of the Price Decision No. 1/2019 dated 21 May 2019.



Booking duration factor for a standard transmission capacity booking. The following values apply:

Fc = 1 for annual capacity
Fc = 3 / 12 x 1.1 for quarterly capacity
Fc = 1 / 12 x 1.25 for monthly capacity
Fc = 1 / 365 x 1.5 for daily capacity
Fc = 1 / 365 x 1.7 for within-day capacity



Auction premium in CZK per MWh per day attained in a transmission capacity auction


The starting price for transmission capacity auctions on auction platforms is equal to a multiple of Cr and the applicable Fc.

Variable price component

The variable price component in CZK per transmitted MWh applies only to exit border points.

For exit border points, the variable price per MWh nominated for gas transmission via a given exit point from the transmission system is equal to 0.026 x CNCG.



CNCG is the planned gas purchase price for the following gas day, which is equal to the value of the End-of-Day Price on the European Energy Exchange AG for the following gas day D+1 for the Day 1 MW product for the NCG zone on the current gas day D.


The daily price in EUR/MWh is converted to CZK/MWh using the day's EUR/CZK exchange rate announced by the CNB for the current gas day D.

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