Prices for directly connected customers

The firm price for booked firm transmission capacity for indefinite period CPPZ-n in CZK per MWh per day is not dependent on the amount of transmission capacity booked by a given customer and in 2023 is equal to:

  1. CPPZ-n = CZK 3 520,26 per MWh per day for all directly connected customers with booked firm transmission capacity

Articles 10.5. to 10.11.of the Price Decision also set the price conditions for:

  • Firm monthly transmission capacity,
  • Firm floating transmission capacity,
  • Daily firm transmission capacity,
  • Within-day firm transmission capacity,
  • Interruptible transmission capacity
  • Exceeding booked transmission capacity.

Variable price component

The variable component of the price / firm price for gas taken CPPZ=kom is in the year 2023 equal to CZK 1.76 per MWh transported via a given point of delivery of the transmission system.

One-component price

Article 10.4. of the Price Decision, the customer may also request a one-component price for gas transmission in CZK per MWh of transported gas, which is calculated based on the following formula:

CPPZ-jed = CPPZ-n / 40 + CPPZ-kom + 20

If the customer requests a one-component price for a gas transmission, the transmission system operator shall invoice for that price from the first day of the month following the request.

Prices for directly connected customers for 2024

Both firm and variable price components for directly connected  customers for 2024 will be set by the Energy Regulatory Office in the new price decision in November 2023. 

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