News for shippers

04.05.2018 Consultation: proposal for VIP implementation

NET4GAS launches public consultation of the proposal for implementation of the virtual interconnection point.

17.04.2018 Capacity auction at IP Lanzhot exit capacity for May 2018

The exit firm capacity auction at IP Lanžhot for month May 2018 was cancelled from uncaused technical reasons. NET4GAS will offer for May interruptible capacity in the auction on April 24.

16.03.2018 NEWS4SHIPPERS March 2018

NET4GAS publishes the second issue of its quarterly newsletter, providing shippers with news about its products and services, this time focused mainly on auctions and product prices.

08.12.2017 NEWS4SHIPPERS December 2017

NET4GAS publishes the first issue of its new quarterly newsletter which aims to provide shippers with information about its products and services.

20.10.2017 Public tender „Gas Supply in 2018

NET4GAS has published a public tender „Gas Supply in 2018“. You can find its details on the profile of the contracting entity NET4GAS.

26.07.2017 Incremental Capacity Process

In line with the Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/459, NET4GAS publishes market demand assessment reports in the section Services and customers.

18.07.2017 Public tender „Gas Supply and Sale 2018“ published

You can find the details on the profile of the contracting entity NET4GAS .

16.06.2017 Information regarding TRU Service

The Czech and Austrian regulatory authorities together with NET4GAS and Gas Connect Austria have finished the consultation process on CZ-AT market integration (the so-called TRU service).

19.05.2017 CEE GRIP 2017

Publication of the Cenral Eastern Europe Gas Regional Investment Plan

05.04.2017 Market demand assessment according to Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/459 of 16 March 2017

The deadline for submitting the Form for non-binding demand indications by network users for incremental capacity of NET4GAS is set for 1 June 2017.

07.03.2017 New capacity auction met with positive market response

New cross-border capacity was offered and successfully marketed at the annual capacity auction on the PRISMA platform on March 6, 2017.

03.03.2017 Statement on capacity auction

Statement on capacity auction to take place on March 6, 2017

21.02.2017 Rules for Open Season Procedure at Entry/Exit points

Capacity4Gas - DE/CZ (TRA-N-752) and CZ/SK (TRA-N-918)

20.02.2017 Gas transmission contract for new capacity

NET4GAS introduces the gas transmission contract for new capacity offered in the auction via the PRISMA auction platform on March 6, 2017 (updated on February 21, 2017 at 20:30 pm).
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