Neighbouring Transmission System Operators

The NET4GAS transmission system is directly connected to the systems of all transmission system operators in neighbouring countries, except for Austria.

Traders requesting to use the NET4GAS transmission system to transport gas to foreign virtual points must also book transmission capacity with the following transmission system operators in neighbouring countries:

Trading Hub Europe (Germany)

As of 1 October 2021, trading zones Gaspool and Net Connect Germany have been merged into the Trading Hub Europe trading zone. The transmission capacity on the German side of the border in this trading zone is sold by the following operators:

On the Czech side of the border, NET4GAS sells transmission capacity only at the VIP Brandov and VIP Waidhaus virtual border points. The IP Opal border point is fully integrated under the VIP Brandov point.

The NET4GAS transmission system is also directly interconnected with other transmission system operators in Germany. These transmission system operators do not offer transmission capacity commercially, but they do ensure the physical flow of the commodity between both countries:




The transmission systems of Austria and the Czech Republic are not physically interconnected. Therefore, it is not possible to reserve transmission capacity between these countries.