The Czech and the Austrian gas markets are connected by a new service “Trading Region Upgrade” (TRU)


The Austrian and the Czech Gas Transmission System Operators Gas Connect Austria and NET4GAS are offering market participants a new service called Trading Region Upgrade (TRU). The service is offered within a one-year pilot phase. TRU is a new specially designed service, which connects the Austrian and the Czech gas markets directly. The main aim is to simplify transaction procedures and reduce transaction costs. With this, the two companies are also realizing the interest of the European Union in bringing markets together in an easy and cost-efficient way. TRU will be marketed through auctions, which start on 2 July 2018.

For the first time, customers of Gas Connect Austria and NET4GAS, succeeding in the TRU auctions, will have the opportunity to have their gas shipped directly from Austria to the Czech Republic and vice versa with a single contract, including trading hubs. This facilitates cross-border transports and reduces transaction costs for the customers, as booking can be made on a “One-Stop-Shop” basis. Both Transmission System Operators offer the TRU service individually. Cross-border transactions from Austria to the Czech gas market are provided by Gas Connect Austria, transactions from the Czech Republic to the Austrian gas market by NET4GAS.

The auctions for the TRU service will start on 2 July 2018 at 9:00 CE(S)T.

For further details, please contact the Transmission System Operators directly or visit their websites: and 

Gas Connect Austria GmbH

Gas Connect Austria maintains the smooth and reliable operation of a modern, high-performance high-pressure gas pipeline network. As well as operating transmission pipelines, the company is also responsible for an important part of the Austrian distribution network. Its core business is marketing gas transportation capacity at cross-border interconnection points, and providing capacity for domestic natural gas supply in Austria. As a transmission- and distribution system operator, Gas Connect Austria plays an important part in the Austrian and European gas supply network. Existing gas infrastructure is regularly inspected, maintained and modernised in order to safeguard long-term security of supply. Gas Connect Austria offers a comprehensive range of logistics services tailored to the requirements of domestic and foreign market participants.

Contact for the media:, Tel.: 0043-1-27500-88052

NET4GAS, s.r.o.

NET4GAS holds an exclusive gas Transmission System Operator (TSO) licence in the Czech Republic, providing efficient, safe and reliable gas transmission services for its customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company secures the international transit of natural gas across the Czech Republic, domestic transmission to partners in the Czech Republic and associated commercial and technical services. NET4GAS transports around 45 billion m3 of natural gas per year and operates more than 3,800 km of pipelines, three border transfer stations, four compressor stations, and nearly a hundred transfer stations at the interface with domestic gas distribution. The company is a member of the Czech Gas Association, the international organisations ENTSOG, GIE, EASEE-gas, and the IGU and Marcogaz working groups. NET4GAS has more than 500 employees.

Contact for the media:, Tel.: 00420 739 537 273