NET4GAS’ hydrogen projects have been confirmed by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union as "Projects of Common Interest (PCI)"

  • The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union have approved the proposed first list of EU Projects of Common Interest ("PCIs") and Projects of Mutual Interest ("PMIs"). The list contains key projects for the development of the European energy infrastructure, which are intended to support the realization of the EU's goals in the field of energy and climate. 

NET4GAS succeeded in its applications for the inclusion of two hydrogen projects: the Czech-German Hydrogen Interconnection (CGHI) and the Central European Hydrogen Corridor (CEHC). This is a significant achievement, as only 4 projects out of more than 50 applications were successful in the given region.

The implementation of these projects represents a great opportunity for the Czech Republic to successfully establish itself in the emerging European hydrogen ecosystem as an important enabler for the decarbonization agenda. Obtaining PCI status provides projects with a number of advantages, such as simplified and faster approval procedures or the possibility to receive financial support from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), which can contribute to their successful implementation.

Thanks to NET4GAS’ well developed and flexible infrastructure, including parallel pipelines, we will be able to transport natural gas and hydrogen (and even other gases as e.g. biomethane) simultaneously, contributing not only to reducing greenhouse gas emissions i.a. by the coal to gas switch and use of hydrogen, but also ensuring energy security for the Czech Republic and the entire region. 

More information about the projects:

Czech German Hydrogen Interconnector (

Central European Hydrogen Corridor (