NET4GAS gives away CZK 50,000 in merit-based scholarships to UCT students



  • Building upon its traditional support of the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague (UCT / VŠCHT), NET4GAS has presented two students at the Department for Gaseous and Solid Fuels and Air Protection with certificates for a motivational scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to the best students at the Department for their excellent study results in the past academic year, and is endowed with CZK 25,000 for each fellow.

This year’s scholarship recipients, Jakub-Vojtěch Ballek and Martin Burjánek, are 2nd-year undergraduates in the master’s programme for Energy and Fuels, specializing in Gaseous and Solid Fuels.

“This kind of collaboration with technical schools comes very naturally to us; I have no doubt that it benefits both sides. For our part, this is not only about talent scouting, but about the importance of corporate social responsibility for everything we do. Another important objective of this partnership is to build a rapport with students while they are still enrolled in college, so as to be able to offer them a career path for the future. I am confident that among today’s students are those who will help us accomplish the transformation in the energy industry that has already kicked into gear, and which must ultimately reshape the gas sector so that it becomes carbon-neutral,” says Barbora Bořková, HR Business Partner NET4GAS.

“For obvious reasons, the academic year behind us was extremely stressful for all students and faculty alike. I am glad that we have nonetheless been able to keep our long-standing collaboration with NET4GAS alive, and that we therefore have the opportunity to give recognition to students of ours who, in spite of highly adverse circumstances, attained excellent academic results. Motivational scholarships are an important factor in arousing interest in young people for STEM fields,” said assistant professor and department head Karel Ciahotný.

Since 2012, NET4GAS has been a partner of the Department of Materials Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Czech Technical University (CTU / ČVUT) in Prague; the firm also supports secondary schools, primary schools, and pre-schools in the regions in which it maintains a presence.

Being acutely aware of its social responsibility, the firm has for a long time been systematically developing its concept of corporate philanthropy and patronage. It is actively engaged in three areas: nature conservation and environmental protection (NET4GAS Closer to Nature); education, training, and R&D (NET4GAS Closer to Knowledge); and community development (NET4GAS Closer to Regions). For more information, check out the CSR section at

The press release can be downloaded here.