A unique environment protection project has been launched.

RWE Transgas Net together with the Czech Union for Nature Conservation, the Podyjí National Park Administration and the Lower Moravia Biosphere Reserve have started a long-term project focused on systematic environmental protection. As a new general partner…

RWE Transgas Net together with the Czech Union for Nature Conservation, the Podyjí National Park Administration and the Lower Moravia Biosphere Reserve have started a long-term project focused on systematic environmental protection. As a new general partner of these organizations, RWE Transgas Net will indirectly participate in the conservation of protected areas in the Czech Republic, the establishment of an environmental education school and the preparation of landscape modeling along the Czech-Austrian border. In addition to that, RWE Transagas Net started its own program of grants to support regional development. The company is planning to invest a total of almost CZK 20 million into the project "RWE Transgas Net. Closer to Nature." and corporate social responsibility activities this year.

"Our company shipping natural gas, a primary environmentally friendly fuel, puts accent on environmental protection and natural resources conservation," said Prof. Klaus Homann, Executive and CEO of RWE Transgas Net, s.r.o., and added: "After a year of our independent existence we decided to intensify the support we dedicate to this area. Within this commitment, we developed a unique concept which extends the possibility of nature conservation in the Czech Republic.”

The first part of the project "RWE Transgas Net. Closer to Nature." aims at nature protection by presenting significant nature locations to the general public, in line with the original purpose of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation. This organization is in charge of 80 areas of special nature interest, located in all the regions of the Czech Republic. Long-term conservation of these area can be successful only if supported by the public, namely at the local level.

"People often visit places of natural interest without knowing about it. They often end up damaging, sometimes unconsciously, endangered plant species or a biotope vital to protected animals. The partnership will RWE Transgas Net will help us develop nature trails, footpaths, footbridges and visitors’ information systems in 5 to 8 locations every year,” explains RNDr. Libor Ambrozek, the chairman of the Central Executive Council of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation. “If we receive subsidies from EU funds, which is very likely to happen now that we can provide co-financing, the number of areas to be open to the public will be much higher,” added L. Ambrozek.

The second part of the project is dedicated to the development and improvement of environmental education and awareness activities. The Podyjí National Park Administration decided to invest the financial support provided by its general partner, RWE Transgas Net, into this area. Once the buildings under the administration of the natural park have been renovated, a special nature protection school will be open in Čížov. The school will provide year-round activities mainly to children, young people and students.

"We would like to take advantage of the facilities located in the Podyjí Natural Park and bring back to life a phenomenon which is largely popular e.g. in Western Europe – a laboratory or study center in nature. I believe that will also succeed in getting a grant from the European Union. After that we would like to provide a full professional and organization service, including teaching staff, and offer special one-week programs for schools from all parts of the Czech Republic,” said Ing. Tomáš Rothröckl, the director of the Podyjí Natural Park Administration.

The third of part the project “RWE Transgas Net. Closer to Nature.” is focused on nature protection at regional levels. RWE Transgas Net, in the position of the general partner, will provide support to the Lower Moravia Biosphere Reserve, a benevolent society. This organization is responsible for the Lower Moravian region listed in the UNESCO program. This area includes e.g. the Pálava Protected Landscape Area and the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape.

“We are very pleased at RWE Transgas Net’s sophisticated approach to landscape conservation. The financial support will be used for a landscaping study of the area between lakes Nový and Šibeník in the Mikulov region. This study will be used as a source material for project implementation, but mainly to support the EU grant application. A new landscape model of an 120 ha area will be designed with respect to logical historic development of the Czech-Austrian border zone, which used to be under common administration,” said Ing. Jan Vybíral, the Director of the Lower Moravia Biosphere Reserve.

Regional development will be also supported by a RWE Transgas Net’s grant program, focused mainly on the support of municipalities and non-profit organizations. This year the support is designated to projects dealing with environmental protection and formation, unemployment prevention and reduction and disabled people integration.

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RWE Transgas Net, s.r.o., is part of the multinational utility group RWE. The company was established on 1 January 2006 when natural gas transmission and trade were unbundled pursuant to the Czech Energy Act. RWE Transgas Net, s.r.o., is responsible for safe and reliable domestic transmission of natural gas and natural gas transit to other countries.

Natural gas transmitted by RWE Transgas Net, s.r.o., in the Czech Republic uses a pipeline system of 3,642 km. Natural gas is the most environmentally friendly of all renewable energy sources. Unlike solid fuels, natural gas burns cleanly, i.e. without ash and environmentally hazardous substances.