Topics for theses

As part of our good cooperation with universities, we offer students an opportunity to write their bachelor’s or master’s theses on the topics we suggest.

The advantage for students?

Students get the chance to examine a chosen topic in the context of the real-world functioning of a company.

What are our requirements?

If you’re interested in one of the suggested topics, please send us:

  • The title of the topic
  • A motivation letter - “What interests me about the topic and what objective(s) my bachelor’s or master's  thesis should achieve”
  • Your CV in Czech and English

What will be the next step?

After receiving your email with the chosen topic of your thesis, your application will be assessed by representatives of the HR Department and professional guarantors. We will then contact you and agree on further specific steps. If there are a large number of applications received from students, the final decision on a particular applicant will be made by the professional guarantor for the particular thesis involved.

Contact person: 

Simona Holečková
Senior Specialist, HR Development

Current final thesis topics for the particular department of  NET4GAS

Custody Transfer Metering Department

  1. Analysis and evaluation of condensate formation in the transmission system
  2. Influence of hydrogens on determining the transmitted quantity and energy of the gas by designated measuring instruments
  3. Conditioning biomethane to the quality of natural gas
  4. Analysis of trace quantities of sulphur compounds at transfer stations

Accounting Department

  1. Circulation and archiving of accounting documents
  2. Problems involved in the accounting of fixed assets
  3. Internal company accounting guideline

Corrosion Protection

  1. Influence of the alternating component of voltage on the operation of the active corrosion protection of gas pipelines
  2. Damage to the equipment of active corrosion protection of gas pipelines caused due to atmospherical overvoltage
  3. Corrosion of steal caused by stray alternating currents
  4. Mechanical resistance of PE/PP factory insulation of pipes at low temperatures

Dispatching Department

  1. Assessment of all risks associated with supplying gas to Western Europe through Nordstream, Opal and Gazelle gas pipelines
  2. Optimization of transmission to distribution areas due to a constant decrease of natural gas consumption in the territory of the Czech Republic
  3. Assessment of the impact resulting from the setting of the individual off-take levels of natural gas for the territory of the entire country on the real consumption of natural gas in the Czech Republic