Connection to UGS Tvrdonice

Connecting the Underground Gas Storage facility (UGS) Tvrdonice directly to the part of the transmission system designed for international gas transit allows the extraction of gas from the storage facility back into the network, which is desirable in particular in cases where it is necessary to strengthen the reverse flow of gas and to increase the security of supplies.

The parameters of the pipeline, which delivers the increased volume of gas extracted from the UGS Tvrdonice to the transmission system, are DN 1000, 7.35 MPa, length 2.7 km. The pipeline was connected to the existing piping system at the CS Břeclav via two branches of a DN 1000, PN 73.5 line connecting to the existing DN 1200 collector on the injection/extraction side in the input/output unit of the CS Břeclav.

The project was co-financed by the European Union - the European Energy Programme for Recovery. It was completed in 2013.